Blue Flower by Sonya Hartnett

Blue Flower is the delightful story of a girl who reminds us that not all clouds are white, not all cats are tabby, and not all flowers are yellow. 
Illustrated in soft pencil and watercolour, Blue Flower is heart-warming, funny and beautiful. 

It’s the story of a girl, who doesn’t like school. She doesn’t like school because she has trouble talking to people, and trouble with playing sport. She worries a lot and is shy, she’d rather stay in bed. She’s not clever of funny, and even though she always tries her best, she never can quite keep up. She wishes she was sick so she could stay at home with her cat. She wants to be like the other kids, but eventually she realised that it’s ok to be herself.

Blue flower is a picture book suitable for mid-senior primary school aged readers, and perfectly illustrates to any lost little flowers that there is a rainbow of colours for them to choose to be. 


Blue Flower By Sonya Hartnett
Picture Book
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