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Interlibrary Loans

Notice of a temporary disruption to the Libraries Victoria holds and interlibrary loans services

Library members are only able to place holds or requests for items located at Dandenong and Springvale. You can still use your membership card at other Libraries Victoria locations. We hope to resume full holds and interlibrary loans services soon. Thank you for your patience.

Library members can request an interlibrary loan via the Send a Request link on the library catalogue.

Interlibrary loan conditions

The following conditions apply to interlibrary loan requests:

  • Only items not found in the catalogue may be requested so please remember to search the library catalogue first.
  • A maximum of five interlibrary loans can be in process at any one time.
  • Requested items can only be collected from Dandenong or Springvale Library and are not transferrable within the Libraries Victoria.
  • There is no charge for interlibrary loans obtained from public libraries in Victoria, however, academic and private libraries charge a fee for lending their materials. Users will be notified beforehand if there is a fee.
  • The library has no control over what other lending libraries may or may not lend, response times from lending libraries, loan conditions or length of loan periods.

Interlibrary loans have specific requirements. Please read the Resource Sharing Guidelines before completing the request.

Resource Sharing Guidelines - 467KB

Requesting an interlibrary loan

How to request an interlibrary loan:

  • Login with a library card number and PIN.
  • Select ILL Request from the drop-down menu.

Interlibrary Loans Request

Suggestions and purchase requests

Requests for recent publications should be requested via the purchase request form.

Find out more about suggestions and purchase requests