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Stay Safe Online

The library works with anti-bullying and internet safety organisations to develop digital skills and help people stay safe online.

Staying safe online at home, school and the workplace is also known as internet safety, e-safety and cyber safety. 

The library is an eSmart accredited service. There is more information below about eSmart and other resources to help people stay safe online.


Australian Internet Safety Organisations

Australian internet-safety organisations, with easy-to-use resources for families and children.

Alannah Madeline Foundation (AMF)

The AMF Foundation cares for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence and runs programs called eSmart, that prevent violence and advocate for children's safety and wellbeing in the community, at schools and in libraries.

Find out more about eSmart

Find out more about the Alannah Madeline Foundation (AMF)

eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner supports all Australians to have a safer and more positive experience online. Online resources support adults, women, youth and children.

Find out more about the eSafety Commissioner - Safety Online

The Carly Ryan Foundation

The Carly Ryan Foundation is a non-profit charity created to promote internet safety supporting families and the community.

Find family support through the Carly Ryan Foundation.

Stay Safe Online - Carer and Parent Help

eSafety Parents - eSafety Commissioner

Take a tour of the safety resources targeted to the specific needs of parents and carers.

View eSafety parents and carer resources provided by the eSafety Commissioner

Parent Hub - Dolly's Dream

Build a trusting and supportive relationship with your child as the key to helping them stay safe online.

Find support and resources at the Parent Hub - Dolly's Dream


ThinkUknow what young people see, say or do online? Get help, support and report abuse.  Resources for parents, students and educators.

Access safety resources delivered by the Australian Federal Police

Report Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime ranges from abuse, bullying to scams online. When things go wrong online contact the police immediately on 000 or access any of these organisations to report.

ReportCyber - the Australian Cyber Security Centre

Report inappropriate behaviour online to the Australian Federal Police and keep young people and the elderly safe. If you need to report a crime access the forms link provided by the Australian Federal Police.

Find out more about ReportCyber, the Australian Cyber Security Centre to report crimes.


IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. Helping individuals and organisations to reduce the harm experienced from the compromise and misuse of their identity information.

See how to report stolen identity online at IDCARE

Scamwatch Australia

Find out more about scams and how to be safe online at Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Report a scam at Scamwatch.

Help with Technology, Devices and Online Resources

Stay safe online by making informed choices using websites, games, apps and social media.

Read more about how to get help with technology, devices and online resources.

ABC Education - Media Literacy

Learn some handy first steps to fact check news and information online. Interactive lesson: Spotting online misinformation and disinformation. Content developed by RMIT ABC Fact Check and ABC Education

Access media literacy lessons at ABC education.

Media Literacy Lab

Alannah and Madeline Foundation, with support from Google provide teaching and learning tools to equip young people with essential media literacy skills to make better choices when using online services. 

 Access the fee training at the Media Literacy Lab

Families and Women Stay Safe Online


Australian women can take control of their online experiences, access support and resources provided by the eSafety Commissioner.

Access resources for eSafety Women

The Orange Door

The Orange Door is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence and families who need extra support with the care of children.

The Orange Door service near you.


24-hour support available to people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse and Technology and Safety Tips.

Telephone now or link to 1800RESPECT for support.

Women's Technology Safety and Privacy Toolkit

The Tool kit provides resources for women in the workplace and at home to learn to take control of technology. The Women’s Technology Safety and Privacy Toolkit has been created by the Safety Net Australia Project at WESNET.

View the Women's Technology Safety and Privacy Toolkit

Youth - Ages 12-25 Stay Safe Online

Find ways to stay safe online if you are aged between 12-25.

Youth Services

Find help to answer your questions in tough times and beyond in Greater Dandenong in person or online.

View services in Greater Dandenong - Youth Service

eSafety Young People

Useful information to help you stay safe online at eSafety Young People. 

Find out more about eSafety Young People.