A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop

What an amazing collection of debut short stories! 

Each story or paragraph in A constant hum deftly captures yet another perspective or emotion from the catastrophic Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. Through her stories, Alice Bishop achieves a much greater insight to bushfires beyond the loss of life, land, and property. Every conceivable smell, visual image and sound carries with it the memory of the fire. And the pieces, while fiction, ring true to the local area and local culture. 

A somewhat futile court case, a self-obsessed television interviewer, a jumpy school teacher, an overworked ICU practitioner, the sanctuary of a Red Cross tent, a class-room of kids (where some have lost everything and others nothing), and the most traumatic of all – the loss of the living. Beautiful, honest stories that reveal a tragic reality.

A constant hum is available as an eBook on OverDrive.

Lauren B

A constant Hum by Alice Bishop
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