It's Been a Pleasure Noni Blake by Claire Christian

It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake is one of those great light-hearted books you just want to get through to relax your mind and live vicariously through someone else for a little bit. The book centres around Noni, who after being in a relationship for almost ten years, is single again. She decides to do what feels good in the moment and not overthink things.

She ends up going on a “pleasure quest”, only doing things she feels like doing and experiencing all the good life has to offer. As you’re reading through the book, you’re really cheering for Noni to live the best life she can and you’re really enjoying her journey of self-love and acceptance. Oh, and can’t forget about the burly, tattooed, sensitive “Viking God”. 

I really enjoyed this book as it’s an easy read, with a loveable character you feel like could be your friend. Throughout the whole book you’re thinking to yourself “Go Noni, go!”. I think It's a pleasure, Noni Blake might make it onto my “have to read it again sometime” list. 


It's Been a Pleasure Noni Blake by Claire Christian
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